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Mead Johnson Heritage


Mead Johnson & Company was  founded in 1905 by Edward Mead Johnson, Sr., a successful businessman from New Jersey, USA who wants to create a product that can provide a healthier life.

E. Mead has qualified to expand his business after becoming one of the founders of  Johnson & Johnson , a surgical-producing company, with his brother.

In 1895, while still running the Johnson & Johnson business , E. Mead's interest in nutritional products continued to grow so he formed The American Ferment Company to develop products to overcome digestive problems. Two years later, he split from Johnson & Johnson to focus on his efforts, and founded Mead Johnson & Company in 1905.

Both relatives and families, recognize E. Mead as someone full of vision. When others see only the facts, E. Mead sees ideas and opportunities-and throws himself out to make it happen. It survives, despite being in the midst of tough times and economic problems. When World War I cut off its most important production line, he moved Mead Johnson hundreds of miles away, from New Jersey to Evansville, Indiana. Among the cornfields of the cornfields in the western part of America, he rebuilt his business - almost from the beginning - struggled with the challenge of starting a business from scratch.

E. Mead's success in understanding the consumer comes not only from his understanding as a businessman but also his experience as a father. Nutrition problems that threaten the health of her first child, Ted, was the inspiration E. Mead in developing Dextri-Maltose ® , powdered milk carbohydrate which became the first major success of Mead Johnson .

Ted grew up playing an important role in the future of the company's sales and marketing process. Son E. Mead, Lambert, and his grandson D. Mead went on business. Lambert became the longest corporate president, leading the company from 1934 to 1955. While Ted's son, D. Mead, continued Lambert's position as president until 1968.

After Edward Mead Johnson, Sr. Retired as president, he spent time doing his favorite activities: playing golf, fishing in the sea, and spending time with relatives and family. On March 13, 1934, at the age of 81, he died suddenly of a heart attack while dining with his wife and guests.

In the company's annual report of 1934, E. Mead is remembered as:

Pioneers, leaders, friends: You will always live with us through passion and guide us to do our best work. We, the directors of the company you founded and continue to grow, pledge loyalty to uphold your goals in our hearts and thoughts.

In addition to leadership in the field of nutrition, the heritage of E. Mead is also known as a generous person, especially for the community in Evansville. One example is to buy and donate a building to an organization that feeds a sick baby. E. Mead completes the facility and donates baby food products, where he keeps his identity secret until the time he dies.

His contributions to Evansville and his role as a visionary leader were recognized in 2007 in the Evansville Business Journal. More than 60 years after he died, Edward Mead Johnson, Sr. Serve as a local icon and trade and industry award winner in the journal Business Hall of Fame .

With Mead Johnson entering his second century as a leading nutrition company, Mead Johnson remains committed to the values ​​and ideals that have been built from the start.